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What is Normal Sperm Count to Get Pregnant - Test Now

What is Normal Sperm Count to Get Pregnant – Test Now?

Family planning is an important stage in the couple’s life. Many couples try for 4 to 5 years or even more to conceive a child. Today, there are many infertility issues in couples that can affect the process of family planning. Low sperm count is one of the major problems in males. It may affect the process of family planning severely. In this article we will discuss about what is normal sperm count to get pregnant, male fertility test, ​and much more.

Males must have a normal sperm count to father a child. The range of normal sperm count should be between 40 million and 300 million sperm per ml of semen. Males who have less than 40 million sperm per ml have a low sperm count. Another name for low sperm count is oligospermia.

How To Test Sperm Quality?

There is a semen analysis test that helps in analyzing the quality of sperm. This test tells various things about the semen such as:

These 3 factors are determined to know the fertility in the males. Semen analysis test price is nominal and you can do it in any local lab. You can take a sperm count test at home to know the volume of sperm.

A sperm test is conducted by ejaculation of semen. The doctor will ask you to ejaculate your semen in the cup. After collecting the semen, the doctor sends the sample to the lab for testing. The medical team will analyze the sample of your semen to determine sperm count, sperm motility, and other factors.

Which Factors Are Analyzed in The Semen Test? 

It is necessary to take a male fertility test to analyze the quality of sperm. This test tells about different factors in the male’s sperms such as:

1. Size and Shape of Sperm

The size and shape of the sperm are directly related to male fertility. Most of the semen samples have abnormal shapes. A high number of defects in the semen indicates that males suffer from infertility.

2. Total Sperm Volume

The next factor analyzed in the semen test is total semen volume. It is the amount of semen that males ejaculate. The normal semen that males ejaculate is between 2 and 5 ml. If the semen is less than 2 ml, you may have seminal vesicle problems. If you have high sperm volume, the extra sperm will be diluted.

3. Liquefaction Factor

Liquefaction is the condition in which the semen changes its form from the gel into a liquid state. The sperm must liquefy within 20 minutes otherwise it may not fertilize the eggs.

4. Sperm Motility

Sperm motility is the ability of the sperm to swim for fertilizing the eggs. It also tells about how speedily your sperm travels.

5. High or Low pH

These days, it is easy to take a semen analysis test. The semen analysis test cost is affordable and you can know various issues. This test also tells about the pH factor in your sperm. pH indicates whether the semen is basic or acidic. You have normal pH between 7.2 and 7.8 in your semen. The lower pH indicates that semen is contaminated and there are issues in the reproductive system.

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Why is Sperm Count Important for Pregnancy?

Normal sperm count to get pregnant is necessary for males. It also affects fertility in males. There are many health issues in males that affect fertility such as low sperm motility, low sperm count, and so on. Lack of conception is another common problem that couples have while starting a family.

Studies show that males with low sperm count have health issues such as Type-2 Diabetes, brain stroke, high BP, heart diseases, and high body fat.

There are many reasons for low sperm count in the males such as:

  • Genetic factors
  • Past treatments and surgeries
  • Bad quality lifestyle
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, and drug intake
  • HIV and other transmitted diseases

You can get a sperm count test at your home as well. It tells you about the total sperm volume.

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Ways To Improve Sperm Count for Make Wife Pregnant

Low sperm count is a very common issue in many men these days. Getting the right treatment can help you to get a high sperm count within a few weeks. Let us have a look at the different ways that increase sperm count and, that helps in making your wife pregnant:

1. Antibiotics or Medications

If you suffer from genital infection or bacterial infection, you can take medications. Your doctor will suggest various antibiotics and medications for curing infections. These medications also increase sperm count in males.

2. Surgeries

Males with varicocele or other issues must go for surgery. It will treat infertility issues in males.

3. Hormone Treatments

High and low hormone levels affect fertility in men. You may go for hormone treatments or medications to cure hormonal imbalances.

4. Consume A Healthy Diet

Diet plays a crucial role in increasing sperm count in males. You must include nutrients and vitamins in your diet to improve sperm count. You should consume fresh fruits, veggies, and salads to improve sperm count and sperm motility. Apart from that, you must also consume oats, cereals, fish, and eggs to get vitamins and nutrients.

5. Avoid Drinking and Smoking

Research shows that males who have a drinking problem have low sperm count. It is necessary to avoid drinking and smoking if you want to increase sperm count. Besides, you must also stop drug use or tobacco use to improve the quality of your sperm.

6. Reduce Weight

Infertility in men can also be caused due to obesity. If you want to start a family, it is necessary to maintain a healthy body. You must reduce weight to get high sperm volume and sperm motility. Many studies show that reducing weight has helped many males to conceive within a few weeks. You can ask your doctor to give a good plan for maintaining a healthy body.

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7. Regular Exercises

It is necessary to exercise daily for average sperm count. You can do various physical exercises such as cycling, swimming, walking, jogging, running, or playing outdoor games. Physical activities and exercises help in improving sperm health. They also help in increasing sperm count in the males.

8. Wear Loose Clothes

The average sperm count by age reduces in all men. There are many reasons for reducing sperm count. One of the reasons is wearing tight clothes. Studies show that men who wear tight and skin-fitting clothes and pants have a low sperm count. Loose clothes will help in free airflow.


Normal sperm count is an unavoidable factor in the couple’s life. You must have a normal sperm count to start a family. Get free sexologist online consultation about different ways to get the normal sperm count. 

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