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Fruits to Avoid In Diabetes - Fruits That Diabetics Should Not Eat

Fruits to Avoid In Diabetes – Fruits That Diabetics Should Not Eat

Fruit is a natural and healthy source of sugar and glucose. But there are many fruits that diabetics should not eat, some fruits can turnout worse fruits for diabetes. But at the same time, a fruit basket could be your treat, in your diabetic diet, only if you make the right choices. Dietitians and diabetes educators always recommend eating fresh fruits.

Having diabetes doesn’t mean that you cannot have any type of food, it is just that you need to monitor the portion you have. There are a lot of myths about the diabetic diet, there is a certain type of food to avoid in diabetes.

Food Types A Diabetic Diet Should Exclude

Food type which is rich in carbohydrates should be avoided completely, that means a diabetic cannot have sugar; grains which contain starch, that means rice needs to be avoided; protein-rich food like deep-fried fish and red beef are not diabetes-friendly food habits, hence they are needed to be avoided. Basically, sucrose, glucose, fructose, dextrose are needed to exclude.

What Are The Types of Fruits That A Diabetic Can Include in Your Diet?

Fruits like berry, tart cherries, juicy peaches, apricots, apple, oranges, avocado, and banana are some that a diabetic can have, on a daily basis. Fruits that are low in carbohydrates or low on glycemic are the types of fruits diabetic can eat.

What are the Worst Fruits for Diabetes?

Fruits that are very rich in proteins, rich in carbohydrates are bad fruits for diabetic to eat. Fruits to avoid diabetes are pineapple, sweetened cranberries, raisins, fig, tangerines, mango, and kiwi are the worst fruits for diabetes. Diabetics also need to avoid dried fruits, because once the fruit is dried the amount of sugar in the fruit increases.

List of Fruits That Raise Your Blood Sugar

Whatever you eat or drink throughout the day transforms into fuel that helps your body run smoothly. That fuel is glucose, a type of sugar that is why it is said to avoid fruits for diabetes. Dried fruits or canned fruits are the lists of fruits that raise blood sugar and could be known to adversely affect your health. These options could be bad fruits for diabetics to eat.

As we know type 2 diabetes occurs due to unhealthy lifestyle habits. Consuming fruits that are low on the glycemic index is beneficial in managing Type 2 diabetes and may lower your risk for heart disease and high blood pressure, most fruits won’t spike your blood glucose and insulin levels if you eat them in the recommended serving portion. People with type 2 diabetes need to be very careful about their eating habits.

The blood sugar levels can be easily managed with a properly balanced diet and it can also lower body fat. Your diet should conclude in such a way that it should help you achieve a healthy weight, but keep your blood sugar in the normal range. So in type 2 diabetes, there are many fruits you need to avoid. Read further to get more insights about them in detail.

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What are the Fruits You Should Avoid in Type 2 Diabetes?

A person diagnosed with type 2 diabetics should avoid fruits like kiwi, star fruit, dried fruits, canned fruits, jams jelly, mango. All of these fruits contain a large amount of sugar in them, and therefore type 2 diabetic should avoid fruits like these.

Curing Diabetes

There are many ways to cure diabetes, it is not like a diabetic just has to live on injections and medicines. Below are some things a diabetic should follow –

  • Drinking more water and fewer sugary drinks
  • Making favorite foods healthier
  • Making physical activity more fun

Also, Ayurveda has proved itself in curing numerous diseases over decades. There are many ayurvedic diabetes tablets that help you cure the disease. Preferring ayurvedic tablets could be beneficial because we all know Ayurvedic medicines barely cause any side effects. It is recommended to take advice from an expert before consuming any medicines.

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