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Diet Plan for Diabetic Patient - Lose Weight When You Have Diabetes

Diet Plan for Diabetic Patient – Lose Weight When You Have Diabetes

Diabetes is a disorder where the body is not capable of using the glucose it produces or acquires from its diet. Diabetes once acquired can never be cured but only can be controlled. To lose weight when you have diabetes is a tough task as one of the reasons for Diabetes is obesity as well. More than anything Diabetic patients get fatigued and sweat soon compared to non-diabetic people.

There are major reasons for putting on weight post diabetes diagnosis. The strong reason for gaining pounds after being diagnosed with diabetes is likely because of the intake of insulin. The concept of weight gain is a very common side effect of insulin intake. When enough insulin is given to the body to act on glucose so that the cells take up the glucose, but if that glucose isn’t used by the body then, it results in piling of fat globules under the muscles and other internal organs. So, it’s important to keep a count of the calories you take and how well you are utilizing it all through your day. Having a proper diabetes meal plan is significant. On a very shallow side, it could be even because of the fatigue that stops them from any kind of physical activity and eventually causes the accumulation of glucose. 

How is Weight Loss Advantageous to Diabetic Patients?

Weight loss for diabetic patients is like a boon to get rid of diabetes or at least get it in your body control. The scientific reason for this is that when the body loses weight, the amount of fat stored in the body is reduced, and eventually the pancreas secretion, insulin is enough to act on the glucose present in the body or taken via diet.

On a research basis, it is analyzed that losing body weight can actually get you away from diabetes type 2 which is definitely motivating news for diabetic patients. So, losing weight when you have diabetes is a good decision to have a healthy lifestyle and a happy detoxified body. It is recommended to workout to control blood sugar levels in the body.

Diet Chart for Diabetic Patients Based on The Kind of Diabetes They Have:

Being an Indian, one must opt for homemade food when it comes to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Indian diet chart for diabetic patients is the best because outside food is preferably avoided when being on a particular diet.

Diet Plan For Diabetes Type 1:

It should have more fiber content

Diet for diabetes type 1 includes food like brown rice, quinoa, oats, fiber, and similar foods. This diabetes meal plan should leave behind high-fat animal products.

There are some important food items to be certainly included in the diet for type 1 diabetes, they are fiber, cinnamon, sardines [a type of fish], vinegar, and berries. These are the best food for diabetes patients. 

Diet Plan For Diabetes Type 2:

It should be low carbs diet for diabetics

A perfect diet plan for diabetes type 2 people includes food like Brown rice, whole wheat chapatis, and oatmeals if possible for breakfast. Below are the major fruits and vegetables to be taken in the type 2 diabetes.


Beans, lentils, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, celery, and a few more that have a low glycemic index (GI) can be added to the type 2 diabetes diet sheet. [glycemic index refers to the measurement or strength of the substance which has the ability to gradually or drastically increase the blood sugar level.]


Fruits like apples, citrus fruits, avocados, berry, kiwi fruit, and a few more based on the degree of blood glucose in one’s body. When we say fruits we talk of natural fruits and not canned fruit juices, because we are on a journey to control diabetes naturally. Fruits mentioned here have low GI and hence can be added to the type 2 diabetes food list.

For vegetarians honestly speaking, people with less animal-based food escape the problem of diabetes more than people with an animal-based food diet, and it is a proven fact.

The above-mentioned diet can be taken by vegetarians and you can include paneer at times with your chapattis as lunch or dinner which is light comparatively. If not paneer, then go with soya chunks or similar foods. Along with that, go for dals, curd, and other proteins because they don’t have many carbs to cut off. So, this is the vegetarian diet for diabetes which can be highly beneficial to cure the disease

People belonging to the non-veg category can go for eggs, fish in place of a bowl of dal, chicken sandwiches as your morning breakfast. These are the meals that are good for diabetics.

Another important point is, specifically for south Indians is that taking a minimum of two meals of whole wheat, chapattis or oats is important only then you can find change in your body and weight.

Diet For Gestational Diabetes:

This is one of the important and critical situations where the diet plays an important role for both the mother and the fetus. Their diabetes meal plan includes many items which usually are served three or four times a day, but contrastingly for a pregnant lady, the Indian diet chart for a diabetic patient is different. She should be served a little amount of meals more than 5 times a day. Her diet chart includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, bread and oats, a bowl of pasta at times and the carbs taken should be very less.

Fruits and vegetables should be taken in a good amount. Vegetables preferably to be taken are beans, leafy vegetables, etc. Fruits to be taken especially are citrus fruits, grapes, etc. Always have whole fruits and not juices.

Another point to be noted is about dairy products like milk, curd, cheese, and ghee. These foods have to be in a minimum of 3 servings. Go only with nonfat milk and sugarless curd serving.

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Diet For Prediabetes:

Prediabetes is a serious condition that hints that you are in the lane of falling into the problem of type 2 Diabetes. It is a condition where insulin is not used properly by the body. Primarily one must understand and be cautious of the other diseases that prediabetes can lead to like heart diseases, cholesterol accumulation, and others.

The diet for Indian pre diabetics patients should include foods like brown rice, oatmeals, whole wheat pasta, whole grains like quinoa, and chapatis made from whole wheat. They should also include high fiber foods like legumes, cereals, vegetables like beans, greens, etc. Include fruits that are not sweet and have a low GI value. For instance, citrus fruits are the best for prediabetics. These come in the category of Type 2 diabetes food and help in curbing the issue.

If drinking alcohol is a part of your routine, then cut it out to the fullest if possible or at least make it moderate to avoid further complications. In the initial stages, you can have maximum diabetes prevention foods and healthy ones like chicken without skin, soya chunks, fish like cod and tuna, egg without the yolk, and low-fat curd or milk.

Foods To Be Avoided Strictly:

Here is a list of diet components to be strictly boycotted:

  • Most importantly avoid trans-fat foods, hydrogenated foods. They ruin your diet and increase fats drastically.
  • Avoid canned and preservatives, sugars added processed foods, they also add to the existing carbohydrates too much.
  • Eat white rice or white bread only once a day as they are rich in carbohydrates.
  • Maximum avoid foods like cakes, pastries, ice-creams, chocolates, soft drinks, canned fruit juices, maple syrup, and other similar to it.
  • Vegetables to be avoided are potatoes and butternut squash. They have high carbohydrates.
  • Fruits to be avoided for diabetics are pineapple, mangoes, cherries, litchi, banana, and few others.


Finally, it’s important to take care of your health. Sometimes being late is better than never. There are many best Ayurvedic medicines for the cure of diabetes available in the market and they can help curb disease to a good extent. Honestly, one must choose to control diabetes naturally by taking necessary precautions and always stay positive-minded. You must take the expert advice before taking any diets or medicines.

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