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Effective Ways to Control Diabetes Naturally

10 Effective Ways to Control Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is a serious health condition that occurs due to high blood sugar. It is a rising problem in India, even nowadays diabetes is common among the age group between 18 years to 25 years. But there are several ways to control diabetes naturally. According to the stats, over 65 million people are affected in the country. Diabetes is one of the main causes of several heart diseases, kidney diseases, eye diseases, stroke, skin problems, and many other health problems. Diabetes is a condition in which the sugar level is elevated due to either insulin being produced, or the insulin is unable to push glucose into the cells. Over time diabetes led to several complications. 

There is always a question in our mind how to control diabetes naturally without medicine? As we do not want to take medicine due to its side effects. Here is the list of things that we can do to control diabetes naturally. 

1. Exercise Regularly to Control Diabetes Naturally

Exercise is the best way to maintain your body weight. It is the easiest way to control diabetes. It has been proven practically that performing regular exercise helps to reduce the blood sugar level in the body. It has been suggested by the experts as well that performing exercising 30 minutes a day can keep you fit and blood sugar maintained. Some clinical studies have also proved that exercising regularly can increase the sensitivity of the cells in the body and this allows insulin to be produced inside it. You can also exercise at your home. There are so many exercises at home for diabetes, which help you to control diabetes. 

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water not only keeps you hydrated but also is the natural way of controlling diabetes. It flushes out the extra useless components from our body through urine. Also, it gives all the useful minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that are required for our body. Therefore, whenever this question arises in your mind: how to control diabetes naturally at home? Consider this point. 

Cut Your Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are of two types, simple carbohydrates which can be digested very easily and releases sugar into the bloodstream very fast, and complex carbohydrates which are good for people with diabetes. Complex carbohydrates are the ones that are being digested very slowly and release glucose into the bloodstream very fast. White rice, sugar, jaggery, and honey are some examples of simple carbohydrate diets. On the other hand, oats, whole wheat products, and millets are some examples of complex carbohydrates. Therefore, it is clear why we should eat a complex carbohydrate diet. It helps our pancreas to produce insulin in a proper way and maintain the blood sugar level. 

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Avoid Eating Large Meals

Eating moderation is the best way to keep our carbs under control. Eating small meals and feeding your body in a particular period of time can help you to regulate the blood sugar level in your body. And it has been suggested that having small means doesn’t mean a lot of carbs, it means having light and oil-free snacks. Avoiding a large meal is the best answer for how to control diabetes naturally without medicine?

Practice Portion Control

The food portion is very large in India than in most parts of the world. We enjoy whatever is served on our plates and do not care about how it will affect our health. Not taking care of our portion is one of the main reasons for weight gain. The increase in weight increases the risk of diabetes and the maintenance of blood sugar level. Therefore, to control weight gain and blood sugar level it is very necessary to take proper diet and practice portion control. 

Do Not Take The Stress

It has been proven in many tests that stress is very bad for our health. Life has so many uncertain situations which make us fall into the overthinking process. An increase in blood sugar level is a bad effect of stress, especially if you are having diabetes. The reason behind this is that diabetes is a hormonal disease and stress releases certain hormones that increase the blood sugar in our system. 

Never Skip Your Meal

Skipping meals can adversely affect your blood sugar level. Especially if it is your breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it becomes more important if you are diabetic. A protein-rich breakfast helps you to maintain your sugar level. Also, it has been proved that eating breakfast helps you to shed weight fast.

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Sleep Well

Sleep is a very important component to maintain your health. It has been said by experts that we need around 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are so many negative effects of a reduced amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation can affect the body hormones like cortisol and results in an increase in blood sugar level. Therefore, it is very important to get a good and natural sleep every night. The best way to do that is to switch off your electronic devices and take a sound sleep. Blue light in the room positively affects sleep.

Eat More Fiber to Control Diabetes

One question that keeps striking our mind is what should I eat to prevent diabetes? Eating a fiber-rich diet is a very essential part of our diet. Foods such as oats, grains, green leafy vegetables, and fruits are fiber-rich which you can have and maintain your sugar level.

Intake of Spices

There are some spices like cinnamon and fenugreek seeds that help you to maintain the blood sugar level. It has been proved by scientists that consuming these spices can decrease your blood sugar level by 30%. Also, it helps to slow down the absorption of sugar levels in our body. 

Conclusion: How To Control Diabetes Naturally?

Diabetes can be cured and or maintained without taking medicine if you take a proper diet. There are several herbs in Ayurveda for diabetes which not only maintain your blood sugar but can also cure it completely. You should consult with a doctor or any dietician before you take any medicines.