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Side Effects of Masturbation in Male Daily - Over Masturbation

Side Effects of Masturbation in Male Daily – Over Masturbation

Getting self-pleasure is good for health. Men tend to masturbate at a young age. It is a natural process that most males experience when they enter the college phase. The process of masturbation will improve male health day by day. But excessive masturbation can also cause side effects in the body.

Although masturbation is a good act to try for a long time, males still need to take care if they are used to this habit. It is fine to masturbate 3 to 4 times a week but not if you do it twice a day. Now, we will discuss the side effects of masturbation in males.

What is Normal Masturbation?

Many males do not know how often it is normal to masturbate? They do physical acts several times a week that may lead to some problems. There is no fixed time for masturbation for males. Some males do it daily while some do it weekly and some men masturbate once a month.

Self-pleasure is not a bad act unless you do it within the limit. However, it depends on different males on how often they need to masturbate. Some studies state that males must masturbate at least 21 times in one month.

Is Masturbation Good for Health?

Yes, it is very safe for males to masturbate 3 to 4 times a week. Many men, especially young guys, ask the question, is masturbating bad? The answer is no as masturbation does not affect your health. It is good for better mental and physical health. Apart from that, it is one of the safest ways to get pleasure. There are no risks of HIV or other diseases. One can masturbate as many times as he likes.

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What are The Side Effects of Frequent Masturbation?

Many males do over-masturbation for self-pleasure. It is like an addiction to many bachelors and young men who do not have partners. Different males have different thoughts about masturbation. Some may also feel that it is not right to masturbate daily. Now, let us have a look at myths and facts about masturbation.

Myths of Masturbation

There are many myths that some males still believe about masturbation. If you have confusion about masturbation, stop believing in the myths stated below:

1. Damage to Genitals

It is a myth among many males that masturbating too much damages penile areas and genitals. Well, this is not the fact as people do masturbate for self-pleasure. There are no major side effects of masturbation in males or females. It is perfectly fine even if you masturbate daily and rub penile areas with your hand.

2. Grows Hair in Unwanted Areas

This is a total myth that you must not believe. Even if you masturbate too much, there is no growth of hair in unwanted areas of the body. Many men avoid masturbating just because they think it might lead to the growth of unwanted hair.

3. Masturbation Causes Mental Issues

Many males feel that they will have bad masturbating effects on the mind. No, it is not a correct thing as males only feel guilt for masturbating because of different religious myths. Self-pleasure is good for males and does not cause mental problems at all. However, you have to be careful that too much masturbation can disturb your mental focus if you have it every time on the mind.

4. Women Het an Addiction to Vibrators

It is a myth that women get addicted to vibrators for orgasms. No, it is not at all a true statement. Many females use vibrators for self-pleasure but most of them do not get an addiction to them. It is not wrong to use vibrators but only a few get addicted and not all females feel the same thing.

5. Vibrators Ruin The Love Life of Women

No, this is a wrong statement. Vibrators are just tools to satisfy erotic desires. They give a vibration to the nipples, stomach, and genital areas. These sensations help women to reach orgasms. Even if you are masturbating every day with vibrators, there is no harm to the love life of females. They can get self-pleasure by using these tools daily. Moreover, they get more stamina to perform better in bed.

6. Wrong to Masturbate in a Relationship

It is fine if you masturbate daily while being in a relationship with your partner. Many couples think it is like cheating on the opposite person to masturbate. It is actually the act of getting self-pleasure. Everyone gets fun and there is no wrong thing in masturbating daily.

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What are The Side Effects of Masturbating Daily?

Many studies are done to study the side effects of masturbation in males daily. Every study says that it is common in males and does not cause harmful side effects in the body. However, there are some minor side effects of daily masturbation in males such as:

1. May Cause Premature Ejaculation

You have a question of what happens if you masturbate too much. One of the side effects of daily masturbation is that it might lead to nerve damage. This can lead to premature ejaculation during sleep or even while performing with your partner in your bed.

2. Causes Fatigue

Yes, you will feel tired after masturbating too much. It is fine to masturbate 3 to 4 times a week. But you will get tired after trying an act of self-pleasure. Apart from that, you also get weak after masturbating very much.

3. Causes Lower Back Pain

Do many youngsters ask what are the bad effects of masturbation? It may lead to lower back pain because males have to change position while giving self-pleasure. Daily masturbation can cause heavy pain in the lower back and damage to the spinal cord.

4. Change in Vision

This is one of the worst side effects of masturbation in males. Some people may get blurry vision because of masturbating daily. It might cause poor vision in the future.

5. Penile Injuries

Is it bad to masturbate? Many boys ask this question often. Daily masturbation can cause penile injuries because one has to use one hand continuously to get pleasure. Using a hand or rubbing genitals may cause injuries and wounds. Males may also get cuts on the penile chambers because of masturbation.

6. Disturbs Mental Focus

This is one of the most negative effects of excessive masturbation in males. Masturbating daily will disturb your mental focus. If it gets into your mind, it will disturb your daily chores or office work. Many males cannot concentrate on their exams or daily tasks after masturbating.

7. May Cause Discomfort in Love Life

One of the most questions that arise in youngsters is: is masturbating every day healthy? Yes, it is a healthy and safe act to get self-pleasure. However, some males may feel uncomfortable while actually performing on the bed with partners. Few males also say that they ejaculate early during the actual performance.

8. Causes Testicular Pain

How much masturbation is too much? Masturbating daily for several times is called too much over the limit. Doing masturbation daily may cause intense pain in the testicles. As a result, the males might get pain while performing on the bed.

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What are The Solutions to Overcome Daily Masturbation?

Why do I masturbate every day? If you are also thinking about this thing, try a few steps to overcome it. You can try a variety of solutions to stop daily masturbation.

1. Talk to a Therapist

Some many therapists and doctors treat daily male problems. If you have a problem with intense masturbation, talk to a therapist. You can share all the problems that you face alone in your bedroom. It might put you into guilt but you can get good solutions for your problems. Moreover, you can establish a long-term relationship with a doctor to change your behavior. You can also try a free sex doctor online consultation.

2. Do Not Spend Much Time Alone

Masturbating increases if you spend a long time with yourself. To get rid of this habit, you must limit the time that your spend alone. Engage in other activities such as internet surfing, writing, reading books or novels, and so on. These activities will divert your time and mind from self-pleasure.

3. Do Yoga

One of the major causes of masturbating too much is because of the rise in desires. You can masturbate too much because of intense feelings. Doing yoga daily will relax your mind and reduce stress and anxiety. A cool and calm mind will help you to get rid of masturbation daily. You must also do regular exercises to relax your disturbed mind.

4. Change Your Daily Schedule

Some people are used to masturbating daily because of the habit. If it is disturbing your work, you must change your routine. You can talk to a doctor and share the effects of self-pleasure on the body. Changing the schedule will change your behavior and you will get rid of this problem faster.

Final Words

We discussed how masturbation is bad if you do it daily several times. It is not at all a bad act but you need to do it to the limit to get the benefits in the body.

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