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Suraj's Weight Loss Powder

Packing : 150gm for 30 days
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  • Course: 1 Month
  • 100% Natural & Effective.
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Natural Cure To Lose Weight - Get In Shape!

Weight loss is one of the most crucial issue faced by the society in today’s modern era. It came out in an extensive survey that one out of every 5 individual is a prey of obesity. This enhances a lot of issues related to the health of a human being; especially concerns related to obesity and weight loss.

It is witnessed that people who are obese are at a higher risk of obtaining serious medical conditions like heart attack, stroke, blood pressure, gallbladder diseases, diabetes and various types of Cancer in comparison to the people who are in a healthy shape.

'Suraj Weight Loss' is the natural cure of getting rid of excess fats in the body. Surj Weight loss is made out of 100% natural herbs and ingredients that communicate with the body. This processes perfect metabolism and prevents the fats from the absorption of the tissues.

'Suraj Weight loss' is a in-depth cure to fight against obesity and to obtain a sustainable body shape. It works wonder and helps one achieve the best results when introduced with a mix of balanced calorie diet along with regular exercising.

How ‘Suraj Weight loss’ works?

'Suraj Weight loss' detoxifies the body gently by ensuring to help in overcoming sweet cravings. It provides the body with way better nourishment by tempering the addiction to sugar as it requires from proper assimilation and absorption of nutrients.


  • Majorly helps in getting rid of food cravings.
  • Maintains long lasting control on Appetite.
  • Triggers Metabolism.
  • Helpful in improving the food absorption.
  • Helps in gaining the energy level.
  • Major help - reduces body fat.
  • Equally effective both for men and women.

Dosage: 2gm powder 60 mins. before breakfast and after dinner before going to bed, with warm water.



Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why Herbals Healthcare products and supplements?

    As people are getting increasingly conscious about their health and well-being, they are trying to avoid chemicals and are opting for natural and herbal alternatives instead.

    While chemical medications give faster results, herbal techniques are cheaper and have no side effects. Many a time, allopathic medicines only treat the symptoms, whereas natural remedies tend to heal ailments to their roots.

  2. What are the forms of herbal supplements?

    Herbal products come in many different forms and may be used internally or externally. At Suraj Herbals, we provide our products either in the form of powder or capsules that can be easily consumed with water or milk.

  3. What is Suraj Herbals Weight Loss Powder?

    Suraj Herbals products are derived from botanicals (herbs and plant products) and substances that come from a natural source. Our weight loss powder is no different and has 100% natural and Ayurvedic ingredients that fight the root cause of obesity and unwanted weight gain.

  4. Why is Suraj Herbals Weight Loss Powder so effective?

    Suraj Herbals weight loss powder is an excellent blend of rare and sequestered weight loss herbs mentioned in the ‘Ayurveda’ texts. Each ingredient has a characteristic quality and medicinal feature. When mixed in the right quantity and with the correct procedure, these herbs work in a synergistic manner to curb the collection of fat in your body. Moreover, this special formula is not only limited to removing excess body fat but also helps break down carbs and boosts metabolism. In addition to its effective weight loss qualities, this product is packed with nutrients such as minerals, essential vitamins, and loads of antioxidants that keep you fresh and rejuvenated even when you slash your daily diet by half. This is effective for both men and women.

  5. Is Suraj Herbals Weight Loss Powder safe?

    This formula contains no added preservatives or synthesized chemicals, it’s prepared naturally with 100% natural herbs and spices. Suraj Herbals Weight Loss Powder is a tested product with no side effects and is absolutely safe for consumption.

  6. What are the right Dosage and the appropriate method of intake?

    One teaspoon twice a day with a cup of lukewarm water. It’s advised to be taken 30 mins. before breakfast and 30 mins. after dinner.

  7. How long does it take to see noticeable results?

    Since it’s a herbal and Ayurveda product, it fights the actual cause of excess weight that obviously takes time. For noticeable results to be seen, you have to at least eat this powder for 6-8 weeks. It’s effectiveness doubles up if you combine the intake with regular exercise and healthy food habits.

Note: Instructions for Diet, Restrictions , method of use and precautions are mentioned inside  the package.

Why is SURAJ HERBALS Treatment different from others?

  • This Wellness Package is formulated by our team of renowned Ayurvedacharya who are practicing in ayurveda since last 18 years and focusing on  treatment of chronic diseases.
  • We manufacturing every products only on the basis of actual clinical trials and clinical results by the team of ayurveda doctors on thousands of patients at their own ayurvedic clinics.
  • We using best quality herbs and standard dosage as prescribed in ayurveda text.
  • We never compromising with quality and quantity and all formulation is developed and manufactured only at our own manufacturing units.
  • This wellness Package is  a unique blend of 100% herbal formulation which can be used by anyone for healthy living.

Adverse effects  –

Not found in  a clinical trial. May safely be continued for a longer period. Our Herbal medicines are 100 % safe as they do not contain any chemicals, steroids.

OUR Product USP: In our all herbal formulations, we use only 100% herbal powder in appropriate quantity which is mentioned on label of each product.

  • No added synthetic color.
  • No added artificial flavoring agents.
  • An ISO-9000:2015 Certified Company
  • Product is manufactured in a WHO-GMP Certified Unit

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Disclaimer: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure any disease.  Always Consult your Ayurvedic physician before taking any ayurvedic medicine.

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