Kama-Gold (M)

Kama-Gold(M) consists of Ayurvedic ingredients

The Kama-Gold(M) consists of Ayurvedic ingredients which helps in improving the blood circulation, can revitalize body tissues, increases vigor, performance and vitality. The Kama-Gold(M) is a collective combination of herbs which is suitable for both young and elderly men who are facing the stress of the modern lifestyle. It fights exhaustion., fatigue, debility. Also, helps in restoring natural stamina and enhances the performance power. Hence, enjoy life at the fullest!

Our team of experts has explored all the answers to such problems. Ayurveda is a science of natural herbs. All such answers are spelled here along with the minerals which can help in providing a solution. To improve sexual potency, our Ayurvedic texts are filled with herbs, minerals and methods used by Munis, Rishis and Maharaj to overcome and improve sexual potency. Hence, giving a healthy and happy sexual life thereafter.

During the ancient times, the carving of Khajuraho and Vatsyayana's Kamasutra can be seen as the living examples. The herbs quality and the extraction process is something that separates the ingredients of Kama-Gold(M) from the other products.


For the prevention and treatment:

  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Libido loss.
  • Premature ejcualtion.
  • Any sexual desires (inhibited).
  • Inability to maintain erection during a sexual intercourse, fatigue, loss of energy.
  • Failure in satisfying a woman and lack of stamina.

Talking about:
Benefits & Uses of Kama-Gold(M)

  • Boosts sexual desires.
  • Boost the stamina.
  • Libido increases.
  • Maintains and improves the overall strength.


  • In Morning: One Capsule along the breakfast (with warm milk or fruit juice). Results: provide tonic effect to the body (tridoshar)
  • In Evening: One Capsule with honey-sweetened milk. Provide warming effect (sexual energy).

A bottle filled with 14 capsules.