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Are you tired of the excruciating pain caused by kidney stones? Do you wish there was a natural, effective solution to rid yourself of this discomfort? Look no further than Suraj Herbals’ Kidney Stone Medicine.

At Suraj Herbals, we understand the agony of dealing with kidney stones, also known as pathri, renal calculus, nephrolithiasis or urolithiasis. We know the discomfort, the constant trips to the bathroom, and the limitations on your daily activities. That’s why we’ve created an all-natural, ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones that has been clinically tested to be safe and effective.

Our kidney stone removal ayurvedic medicine has diuretic properties that help enhance diuresis by aiding in the removal of renal calculi. Regular usage of our medicine helps break down and dissolve all types of kidney stones and maintains the pH of urine through a pH-renormalizing phenomenon to prevent future occurrences.

Our medicine is also available in both kidney stones powder and kidney stones capsules, so you can choose the option that suits you the best.

Choose Suraj Herbals as your trusted partner in your journey towards improved kidney health with our proven and effective medicine for kidney stone treatment.

Why Use Suraj Herbal’s StonOsure Medicine?

  • Our team of experienced Ayurvedacharya have formulated StonOsure with special attention to kidney stones, to ensure the best possible results for you.
  • We have conducted actual clinical trials and clinical results on thousands of patients at our own Ayurvedic clinics, so you can trust that our medicine is backed by real-world results.
  • At Suraj Herbals, we only use the best quality herbs and follow standard dosages prescribed in Ayurveda texts, so you can feel confident that you're getting a safe and effective product.
  • We take quality seriously at Suraj Herbal and all our formulations are developed and manufactured at our own units, so you can be sure that our products meet the highest standards.
  • StonOsure is a unique blend of 100% herbal formulations that can be used by anyone looking to promote healthy living and alleviate kidney stone discomfort. Trust us to provide you with the best possible care.


Improves Kidney Health

Take control of your kidney health with StonOsure, our clinically tested, all-natural kidney stone medication.

Powerful Diuretic Properties

With our powerful diuretic properties, you can finally say goodbye to the discomfort caused by kidney stones and prevent them from coming back.

Dissolves Kidney Stones

Dissolve all types of kidney stones safely and effectively with StonOsure's proven formula, and enjoy a better quality of life.

Maintain a Healthy pH

StonOsure's pH-renormalizing phenomenon helps maintain a healthy pH of urine, preventing the formation of new stones (pathari) and giving you peace of mind.

Provide Fast Relief

Don't let the pain and burning sensations caused by kidney stones hold you back - StonOsure's anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties provide fast and effective relief.

Stabilize Glucose Production

By preventing adrenaline from stimulating the liver, our top kidney stone medicine helps stabilize glucose production in your body, keeping you feeling healthy and energized.

Maintain Optimal Kidney Health

Whether you prefer powder or tablets, StonOsure is available in both forms to suit your preferences and lifestyle. Trust us to help you maintain optimal kidney health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

StonOsure is an Ayurvedic medicine that improves and maintains kidney health by dissolving kidney stones and preventing their recurrence.

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